Roast with Honcho!

A Journey into Contract Roasting with Honcho

Extend Brand Value Through Contract Roasting

Our contract roasting programme provides the assistance you need to launch your own life of roasted coffee including marketing, bags, labels and, of course, the coffee itself. Contract roasting is a great opportunity for folks looking to start their own company without the foundation of your very own roaster and other pricey resources. Alternatively, contract roasting is an amazing addition to your current business as a company benefit or for special events. Gifting your employees with a self-branded coffee blend is a great way to boost morale and encourage company pride! Other events such as weddings, birthdays and family reunions are excellent opportunities for presenting your very own coffee to friends and family. Contract roasting with Honcho is not just for events and special occasions. Contract roasting is a fabulous way to integrate your brand further into your pre-existing business. Many cafes, restaurants and coffee shops utilise contract roasting with Honcho to present their own branded coffees to their customers.

Boast your custom roast with unique labels and marketing made especially for your freshly roasted coffee.

As a contract roaster, Honcho is dedicated to providing a seamless experience as well as a rewarding product for our customers. Honcho will collaborate with you every step of the way to format and build the best branding for your coffee project while supplying fresh and delicious roasted coffee to suit your audience. We also are happy to work with the branding you supply to outfit your bags with the look you are looking for. Our current offerings include a variety of roast levels and regions. There is always something for everyone – and then some!

Honcho is committed to a stress-free and easy contract roasting experience for our clients and their customers.

Our goal is make our customers happy and to keep your customers calling for more coffee!