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Brand your own coffee beans

Honcho Coffee Supplies – Brand Your Own Beans

Honcho Coffee Supplies offers an exclusive contract roasting program that provides business owners and individuals alike the assistance needed to launch their own brand coffee. The versatility of a coffee brand spans beyond just café owners to businesses, families and beyond. At Honcho Coffee Supplies, we work directly with you to create your perfect roast and then develop your own brand and packaging so you can hit the ground running with the distribution of your own coffee.

As coffee roasters, we take the difficulty out of the equation and keep your production costs low. By working with Honcho Coffee Supplies, you don’t have to worry about the process or the pricey resources to roast delicious tasting coffee beans, instead you leave the hard work to us and reap the rewards.

We work with countless cafes to create a signature flavour, custom branding and functional packaging so they can add their own coffee bean to their product range, instantly benefiting from the retail trade of their roast. We have helped businesses to create their own coffee bean brand and watched as they enjoy the benefits of boosted morale and increased company pride as everyone shares in a coffee that is exclusive to their business. Families, couples and individuals have also enjoyed creating their own beans for special events such as anniversaries and weddings. Imagine your wedding favours including your very own coffee bean made with love and shared with your nearest and dearest.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to how you can make the most of launching your own coffee brand. We can help you create a sought-after product that will have customers returning over and over, or help boost the team atmosphere in your office, even wow your guests at your next special event, or even raise funds for charity with the profits.

If you are keen to add your own brand coffee beans to your business, shop, market stall, school, book club or fundraiser then contact us today and we can help you get started!

Brand your own coffee beans

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