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Cold Brew Sunshine Coast

There are so many reasons to absolutely love the game changing Honcho Cold Brew!

You are a coffee lover, but you don’t always love the cost, time and the eff ort that comes with your caffeine addiction. There’s the endless hunt for the local cafe that can make your ideal espresso, the time to visit your caffeination destination and the rising cost of purchasing your daily hit. It is for all these reasons, our Honcho Cold Brew is a game changer. Never before has it been easier, faster or cheaper to enjoy consistently delicious coffee at home, in the office or out and about on adventures. From the city to the coast, to the country and everywhere in between, our Honcho Cold Brew is a game changer!

First of all, let’s talk flavour profile. The Honcho Cold Brew is brewed using our most popular Capo Boss blend. Boss is an award winning blend that has become famous for its hints of chocolate, honey liqueur and tropical fruit. It has a rich intense flavour and produces a rich golden crema and highly aromatic finish. Cold brew by nature has a smoother, less acidic flavour than traditional hot-brewed coffee, making it a great choice for all round coffee taste preferences. So, Honcho Cold Brew has the taste aspect covered!

Now let’s consider cost. The average cup of coffee is around $5, plus any special milk preferences or extra shots. This adds up over the week, if you only have one a day on weekdays you are out of pocket $25, that is $1,300 a year. Our Honcho Cold Brew is a coffee concentrate, so you actually need less to achieve the same great taste and with 50 serves per box, the cost per coffee works out to just 80c a serve. Work that out over the year and you are saving over $1,000 a year! If that isn’t enough incentive to try it, we do not know what is!

Finally let’s think ease and versatility. The Honcho Cold Brew can simply sit in the fridge and is ready to go on a whim. No need to drive or walk to the local cafe, wait in line and then head back to the office… nope, you can simply grab it out of the fridge and serve it. I can hear all those office managers now crunching the numbers as to how much more productive their staff are when all they have to do is boil the jug and the espresso is ready to drink! You can also use the Honcho Cold Brew to make iced coffee in a flash, or even whip up Friday afternoon espresso martinis! It is also totally versatile, can fi t in the esky and be ready as you go boating, camping, fishing or just hanging out at the beach.

So, that settles it, our Honcho Cold Brew will not only make your life easier it will also save you a load of money without compromising on taste! Packed with antioxidants, our Honcho Cold Brew is excellent for your overall health and wellness… there is nothing not to like! So why not give it a try… it is taking coffee lovers by storm from the city to the coast to the country, so join the movement and enjoy your coffee the easy way!

Cold Brew concetrate Sunshine Coast


Read more about how you can use Honcho Cold Brew HERE – we guarantee this will be a huge hit this Easter, so get on the cold brew bandwagon and start enjoying the savings, convenience, versatility and taste of this special Honcho brew – start placing your orders today.

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