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Life After Instant Coffee

life after instant coffee

Even when you’re running late for work in the morning, there’s no way you’re going to miss that cup of coffee. However, making good coffee takes a bit of time so what’s the simplest solution? Instant coffee!

A lot of people swear by instant coffee. It’s simple, easy, and fast (cheap too!) to make while giving you that coffee taste and caffeine boost to get your body moving. This is why it’s popular in numerous parts of the world and in Australia as well.

There is one thing though, if you ask someone who is a proper coffee aficionado, they’ll tell you you’re just drinking coffee flavoured hot water!

Instant Coffee vs Ground Coffee

Of the many differences between instant and ground coffee, the biggest one is that instant coffee is brewed and dehydrated before it’s packed and shipped.

Whereas ground coffee is all about the fresh grind and brew!

This is why instant coffee is the lowest quality coffee you can get. On the other hand, going for ground coffee, you can make it the best possible coffee in the world!

Here are 5 reasons why instant coffee is not as good as freshly ground coffee:

  1. Instant coffee does not contain the entire coffee bean’s flavour and aroma
  2. Ground coffee has higher caffeine content, giving you a much better boost than instant coffee
  3. Almost all major instant coffee brands are made from poor quality Robusta beans. Even though Robusta has higher caffeine content, the instant-coffee-making-process destroys most of it.
  4. Instant coffee has too much sugar and other additives added to make it taste better. It hardly has any real coffee, which is why coffee lovers often call it coffee flavoured hot water.
  5. Because ground coffee takes time to brew, the flavour and aroma of the final product is simply incomparable to instant coffee.

How to Move Away from Instant Coffee

If you’ve ever had freshly brewed coffee, chances are you’ll want to make your own coffee. Whether at home or at work, if you love coffee, there’s no way you can go back to instant coffee now!

Here’s how you can start your life after instant coffee!

Get Proper Coffee Equipment

This is the first step to start your journey towards ‘real’ coffee. Get your hands on a quality coffee grinder so you can freshly grind the beans. A good quality grinder is a reason why the coffees at cafes taste and smell so amazing!

Next, get a brewer. The better you brew your ground coffee beans, the better the flavour. You can choose a manual brewer as it is simple to use and doesn’t cost as much. You can also get a more traditional French press for an oilier richer tasting brew!

Now that you’re brewing your own coffee, you need to measure the right amount for every single item. This is where a kitchen scale comes in. It is a must-have accessory not just for measuring coffee grounds, but also for other uses in the kitchen. It’s a multi-purpose product!

Buy the Best Coffee Beans

Good quality coffee is a combination of various factors. Coffee is made from coffee beans so it’s a given that you get quality coffee beans as well. So, how and where do you get good quality coffee beans?

That’s quite simple actually. All you have to do is get in touch with a quality coffee beans supplier, like Honcho Coffee Supplies, and get your hands on the best quality coffee beans.

Important Tip: Quality of water plays a big role in coffee brewing. Always use filtered water for the best tasting cuppa coffee!

Now you know why you need to start moving away from instant coffee and get into the self-coffee-brewing game. It’s a whole new world!

For more tips and info on different types of coffee beans, coffee machines, and accessories, visit us at Honcho Coffee Supplies.

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