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One-stop Shop for Sunshine Coast Cafes and Restaurants

One-stop Shop for Sunshine Coast Cafes and Restaurants

Honcho Coffee Supplies – all your coffee needs!

Looking to open a new restaurant or cafe in the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Southern Queensland? Or do you already have a coffee house but are not happy with the customer response to your coffee?

In any case, we at Honcho Coffee Supplies are all about giving you the opportunity to give your customers the best coffee experience ever!

Keep in mind that we’re not a typical shop selling coffee beans and equipment! From providing the best in quality coffee beans to the highest quality machines, our passion for coffee goes above and beyond.

Our mission is to live up to our name and become the true Honchos of coffee in every way possible. Not just that, we are fully aware of the most important factor as well, offering a caring and uncompromising service to our customers and clientele.

The Honchos of Coffee in Sunshine Coast

We are located in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. This is where we are beginning our journey with our head Honcho Daniel Saporita. He envisions offering his customers a true coffee experience.

After completing his apprenticeship in Brisbane, he brings to the world of cuppa over 20 years of experience. With Daniel at the helm, we ensure that our establishment is equipped to offer the best coffee equipment and accessories with hospitality and top-notch after care services.

Your One-Stop-Shop for All Things Coffee!

Whatever you need to up your coffee game, we can help you out. Not only do we have the best coffee beans, but we also have a wide variety of them too. This way you can give your customers a proper menu with lots of options.

Other than the beans, the right coffee brewing equipment plays a huge role in the quality of coffee being prepared.
You can shop from a wide range of coffee equipment and accessories as per your requirements.

From small cafes to medium-sized coffee houses to large restaurants, we have products that cater to everyone’s specific needs. Honcho Coffee Supplies also offers setting up coffee stations for workplaces. So if you have an office and want us to come over to install and train your employees on how to make coffee, we are at your service!

We also offer barista training services so you can have your cafe/restaurant employees serving the most aromatic and flavourful coffee.

Whether you’re a Cafe Retailer, Wholesaler, or Prosumer, if you share the same level of love for coffee as we do, then Honcho Coffee Supplies is your one-stop-shop for everything coffee!

Get in Touch With Us!

You can visit our website to watch videos offering tips and tutorials related to brewing coffee and using different coffee machines and equipment. Perfect for those who wish to watch and learn.

Also, we constantly update our blog and our Instagram page @honchocoffeesupplies to keep you in the know with the world of coffee at all times. You can also stay in touch with us on our Facebook page.

For more information on different types of coffee machines and accessories, visit us at Honcho Coffee Supplies.

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