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The Padrino Blend – The Smoother, Sweeter Blend!

Our Padrino Blend by Capo Espresso is the smoother, sweeter coffee that is certain to impress even the most astute coffee drinkers. This multi-bean blend is a sustainable coffee blend that was originally designed for milk, however, is delectable even when enjoyed black. The Padrino blend is delicate with light acidity producing a smooth, beautiful flavours and a light spicy floral aroma.

Let’s talk tase. The Padrino Blend has a sweet chocolate taste with hints of sweet berry, malts and spice. It is smooth and refined flavour and produces a light golden crème and a tantalising aromatic finish. While not as popular as our Boss Blend, the Padrino is unassuming and is perfect for those coffee drinkers that want a smooth but punchy flavour that will linger on the tastebuds for hours.

Let’s talk versatility. The Padrino Blend is smooth and subtle flavour with levels of chocolate, sweet berry, malts and spice that make for easy drinking no matter the coffee drinker. The low acidity and fragrant blend make the Padrino Blend the ideal coffee to enjoy any time of the day. Versatility is demonstrated as it can easily be enjoyed with milk, hot or cold, and even black while a flavour that unapologetically lures and lingers.

If you love a smooth and subtle but exciting and energetic flavour, then the Padrino Blend is perfect for you. We offer the Padrino Blend in 250g, 500g or 1kg bag, or bulk orders if you wish to use in your café or office. You can order whole beans or ground in a range of options making this the perfect solution for home, office or café.

Enjoy the chocolate sweetness with the layers of malt and spice that will have you coming back for more! Check out our online shop and order your Padrino Blend today.

Honcho Coffee Supplies team

Don’t forget the Honcho Cold Brew. Not only is the Honcho Cold Brew delicious, smooth and sophisticated … it’s cost effective too! Made from our popular Capo Boss blend, the Honcho Cold Brew must be the most versatile, punchy little concentrate. With the Honcho Cold Brew you can quickly and easily whip up your coffee your way without any stress, saving time on those manic mornings when nothing seems to be going right. Ideal for taking camping, packed in the esky for a day on the beach, or even to your next event or celebration, it is just so easy!

Whip up an iced coffee that will have you dancing for joy, or make an extremely quick hot coffee when you are running behind. Also ideal for making a cold brew soda… coffee flavoured sparkling goodness, simply mix in with your soda water and ice and throw in some lemon or lime juice or fresh mint. Get out your cocktail gear and have a little fun making your very own, espresso martinis. Make it a mocktail or cocktail and delight your friends at your next dinner party or barbeque with the smooth and sophisticated cold brew that will leave you wanting more!

Read more about how you can use Honcho Cold Brew HERE – we guarantee this will be a huge hit this summer, so get on the cold brew bandwagon and start enjoying the savings, convenience, versatility and taste of this special Honcho brew – start placing your orders today.

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