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There is no other way to start 2023, than with plenty of coffee!

It is hard to believe we are almost halfway through the first month of the year already. It feels like only moments ago we were awaiting the visit from the fat man down the chimney while sitting around with family and friends overindulging on food and drinks. It was our first holiday season for years that everything has been open and operating and minimal masks around while kids could freely run and play without a care in the world. Such a precious time of the year.

Now we are staring 2023 in the face. We are back into the grind, the daily commute, packed lunches, weekly birthday cakes in the shared kitchen, meetings that easily could have been an email and hearing the embellished stories from everyone’s holidays. As our blissful summer holiday vibes drift away, we feel ourselves getting on with business and can quickly lose that new year momentum and motivation.

This year we are committed to helping businesses across the Sunshine Coast to level up their coffee game and keep their teams invigorated, motivated and caffeinated like never before. Our plan is to compare your current coffee setup and intake and take your team to coffee heaven on a daily basis.

We can see it now, the team patiently lining up in the morning to get their coffee pod espresso to take the edge of another day in the office. They compare stories about where they got the best coffee over the holidays as they sip slowly on their dismal cup of office brew. Towards mid-morning the office seems to be getting a little scarce on dedicated workers, only to find they have all quietly snuck out to the café down the road to get a ‘real coffee’ to keep them going. The afternoon rolls around and there is a chorus of yawns and a sea of drained faces, with the tapping of keyboards all but silent as they round out the day with another boring cup of joe courtesy of the office machine. The end of the week rolls around, and the machine is playing up and the instant coffee is running low. The spare part needed for the machine purchased last year from the appliance store is going to take 5 business days to arrive and the staff are getting grouchy as the receptionist sticky tapes a sign to the machine saying ‘Out of Order’.

It sounds like something that nightmares of made of, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We stock and sell a large range of high quality, big brand coffee machines that will suit your office perfectly. Choose a model that makes the perfect brew every time, and by perfect, we don’t mean Nespresso perfect, we mean real Italian coffee perfection! We can scale your bean supply to the number of staff and their normal coffee intake and even supply a range of alternative milks to keep everyone happy. All this with exceptional customer service, machine maintenance and warranties in place, which will allow you to level up your coffee game, keep your staff caffeinated and motivated and not cost you a bomb.

If the above sounds like we just peeked into your office and described the scenario, hit us up. We are the boss when it comes to coffee on the Sunshine Coast and we would love to share the gift of quality coffee with you.

Also… don’t forget the Honcho Cold Brew. Not only is the Honcho Cold Brew delicious, smooth and sophisticated … it’s cost effective too! Made from our popular Capo Boss blend, the Honcho Cold Brew must be the most versatile, punchy little concentrate. With the Honcho Cold Brew you can quickly and easily whip up your coffee your way without any stress, saving time on those manic mornings when nothing seems to be going right. Ideal for taking camping, packed in the esky for a day on the beach, or even to your next event or celebration, it is just so easy!

Honcho Cold Brew

Whip up an iced coffee that will have you dancing for joy, or make an extremely quick hot coffee when you are running behind. Also ideal for making a cold brew soda… coffee flavoured sparkling goodness, simply mix in with your soda water and ice and throw in some lemon or lime juice or fresh mint. Get out your cocktail gear and have a little fun making your very own, espresso martinis. Make it a mocktail or cocktail and delight your friends at your next dinner party or barbeque with the smooth and sophisticated cold brew that will leave you wanting more!

Read more about how you can use Honcho Cold Brew HERE – we guarantee this will be a huge hit this summer, so get on the cold brew bandwagon and start enjoying the savings, convenience, versatility and taste of this special Honcho brew – start placing your orders today.

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