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When Service Really Counts call Honcho Coffee Supplies!

When it comes to finding that perfect espresso machine it is easy to get drawn into the price war, chasing the lowest price available online. While this is great for your back pocket in the moment, it doesn’t take into consideration the support, after sales service and warranties that will make all the difference to the longevity and performance of your coffee machine.

At Honcho Coffee Supplies we are certainly competitive on price and we stock a huge range of big brand coffee machines that are available for local pickup on the Sunshine Coast or for delivery nation-wide. Our point of difference however is in our support during your purchase, our after sales care and our warranties.

If you are upgrading from a standard appliance store coffee machine, there are so many things you should know that will help you make the right choice for your espresso machine whether it be for home, office or your business. The sales support we offer will mean that you have spoken to a coffee machine expert that is able to understand how you will use your machine and can point you in the right direction of your perfect match. Just reading reviews online will not give you this insight or life changing advice!

Our after sales care includes you actually being able to speak to a human should anything go wrong with your purchase. Many of the bulk coffee machine suppliers out there will make you jump through hoops, talk to machines and await weeks for responses to emails if there are any issues. Your best option is to buy from a business that really cares and will offer you the human touch. We also have a range of maintenance and cleaning products for your coffee machine to ensure that you take proper care, ensuring your machine continues to work in tip top conditions for years after your purchase.

Our warranties are also designed to safeguard you when making your purchase. We offer the same warranties and guarantees that the coffee machine manufacturers offer combined with our after sales support so you can rest assured knowing you are going to be looked after. If you follow our care instructions, you will maximise your coffee machine performance and lifetime.

So whether you are buying your first machine, upgrading from an entry level machine or looking to level up your coffee game, don’t just factor in the price, because the cheaper price at checkout now might end up costing you much more in the long run!

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