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Top 4 Reasons Why Your Cafe should be selling Honcho Cold Brew

Here are the top 4 reasons your cafe should be serving Honcho Cold Brew

Forgive us for talking about Honcho Cold Brew again but we just cannot help it. Our clients rave about the flavour profile, the convenience and versatility of this delicious brew so we want to make sure that everyone knows about just how good it is. Let’s be honest, we would shout it from the rooftops if it meant more people could experience this flavour sensation. Our obsession aside, here are four good reasons that your café should be serving Honcho Cold Brew immediately.

  1. It is popular! Speciality coffee shops were the first to introduce ‘Cold Brew’ to their menus, but it has fast become one of the most popular additions in cafes across the globe. In fact, in northern Europe, Cold Brew is the fastest growing coffee beverage available. The popularity of this delicious drink is reason enough to add it to your menu immediately.
  2. It’s so easy! Forget making your own coffee concentrate which can take hours, the Honcho Cold Brew is a done for you solution that will make coffee beverages so much easier in your café. Your iced latte’s will be quicker and cheaper to produce, your espresso martinis will be a breeze and you can get creative with how else you use this miracle sip.
  3. It’s cheap! For our café clients, we offer wholesale rates on our Honcho Cold Brew making it oh so affordable. Retail prices are just 80c per serve so imagine how much cheaper it is for our wholesale clients. That leaves a lot of room for margin on your end.
  4. It is versatile! We think the absolute best thing about Honcho Cold Brew is that it is super versatile. With this coffee concentrate, the sky is the limit… you are literally only limited by your imagination. You can use Honcho Cold Brew in cocktails, mix with lemonade, create a flavoursome iced latte, make the best affogato with ease or even use in cooking.

So, if you haven’t tried it yet or you want to start serving up this super popular, easy, cheap and versatile coffee beverage in your café then let us know and we will get you started! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain! You can thank us later.

1.5L Concentrate which gives you 50 serves

  • Contains no additives or preservatives.
  • Ingredients: Triple filtered water / Arabica coffee (contains caffeine)
  • Shelf-life (refrigerated) 12 weeks unopened / 6 weeks opened
  • On arrival, pop it in the fridge and shake well before serving (natural settling may occur)

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Honcho Cold Brew uses;

The ways you can enjoy your cold brew are also only limited by your imagination, you can use it in beverages, cooking or desserts, the sky is the limit. Whip up an iced coffee that will have you dancing for joy, or make an extremely quick hot coffee for those mornings when you are running behind schedule but still need your coffee hit. It is also ideal for making a cold brew soda… that is right, coffee flavoured sparkling goodness, simply mix in with your soda water and ice and throw in some lemon or lime juice or fresh mint to really test out the flavour combinations that excite you. Finally, it is time to get out your cocktail gear and have a little fun with the Honcho Cold Brew making your very own, espresso martinis. Make it a mocktail or a cocktail and delight your friends at your next dinner party or barbeque with the smooth and sophisticated cold brew that will leave you wanting more!


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